No, I did not forget the cookie banner. I care about privacy, so there are no cookies, google analytics, ad trackers etc. here. The technically necessary information to deliver the page ends up in the server logs.
These store the IP address and access to the requested resource, plus the operating system and browser (essentially the HTTP header). Except for debugging purposes, or in case of problems or attacks, these logs are not evaluated, shared or used in any other way. These log files are deleted every two weeks. Whether the page is run in dark or light mode depends on the user preferences in the browser or system. No user preferences are read or stored by me.

For the nerds and nerdettes:

In the logs end up:

  • GET resource
  • date, time
  • HTTP status code
  • The IP
  • The referer
  • User agent
  • SSL protocol and SSL cipher

For the contents which are in the cache additionally internal info is written, like transferred bytes, time-taken, time-to-first-byte etc…. .

The theme change can be found as key value pair in the local storage (theme:dark/light).